Breathing new
life into Leeds City Centre


In a world grappling with climate change, progressive businesses seek to align with sustainability. West Village is the place where that vision comes to life.

Join us to be a part of this net zero development, with features like:

    • Blue-green roof technology: Smart building design reduces water waste and enhances biodiversity
    • Efficient energy management: West Village exceeds the UK Green Building Council's 2025 - 2030 energy performance targets
    • Active travel amenities: With over 170 spaces for bikes, e-bikes, and more, we will support your sustainable commute

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Blue-green roof technology
Blue-green roof technology
Efficient energy management
Efficient energy management
Active travel amenities
Active travel amenities

An innovative green system

We’ve pushed the boundaries of smart building technology with the installation of a smart blue-green roof which will absorb rainwater and store it beneath its plant layer.

The roof is connected to cloud technology and ‘told’ when a period of intense weather - like a storm or drought - is due to arrive. 

For example, if a storm is looming, the water is released into drainage systems so that the roof can absorb more rain, reducing the risk of local flooding. 

If a drought is coming, the system automatically uses the stored rain to water the plants on the roof and the green walls - keeping them happy and healthy.

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Helping you reach your sustainable office goals

Fully electric

As part of it’s redevelopment, Castle House will be a 100% electric building - a sustainable alternative to gas boilers

Energy performance

The Castle House redevelopment and its extension will have a combined energy intensity of approximately 81kWh/m2 per year - better than the UK Green Building Council’s 2025 - 2030 energy performance target

Smart sensors

Castle House and its extension will use smart sensors to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality, advising customers on window usage for optimal ventilation, and automatically switching off fans to conserve energy

Low emissions

Each part of the redevelopment will create under 600kgCO2/m2 embodied carbon, meeting Bruntwood’s 2030 target

EPC rating

Our Castle House is targeting an EPC A rating and the Castle House extension is targeting an EPC A or B rating

Cycle hub

West Village has a cycle hub with over 170 spaces for bikes, skateboards, scooters and e-bikes, lockers, showers and kit drying facilities for active commuters